Distributed-weighted multidimensional scaling for hybrid Peer-to-Peer localization

TitoloDistributed-weighted multidimensional scaling for hybrid Peer-to-Peer localization
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsSottile, F., M. A. Spirito, M. A. Caceres, and J. Samson
Conference NameUbiquitous Positioning Indoor Navigation and Location Based Service (UPINLBS)
Date Published10/2010
Conference LocationKirkkonummi, Finland
Keywordscooperative scenario, distributed weighted multidimensional scaling, global navigation satellite system receiver, GNSS receiver, hybrid dwMDS algorithm, hybrid P2P positioning scenario, hybrid peer-to-peer localization algorithm, least squares algorithm, least squares approximations, peer-to-peer computing, radio receivers, satellite navigation, terrestrial range estimation, wireless communications interface, wireless interface
Pervasive Technologies