Failure analysis of travelling wave MSM distributed photodetectors

TitoloFailure analysis of travelling wave MSM distributed photodetectors
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsNespola, A., T. Chau, M. Pirola, M. C. Wu, G. Ghione, and C. U. Naldi
Conference NameElectron Devices Meeting, 1998. IEDM '98 Technical Digest., International
Date Publisheddec
Keywords1.3 micrometre, 1.55 micrometre, avalanche breakdown, device heating, efficiency, failure mechanism, heterodyne detection, metal-semiconductor-metal structures, microwave photonics, modulation bandwidth, optical fibre communication, optical heterodyne detection, optical microwave links, optical receivers, peak saturation photocurrent, photodetectors, photodiodes, steady-state quasi-3D coupled electro-thermal model, travelling wave MSM distributed photodetectors, velocity-matched distributed photodetectors