Personalized Facebook Chatbot

Innovation Development
Thesis Code: 

Thesis Type: Master of in Computer Science, Data Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mathematical Engineering

• Experience with Python and/or Java
• Basic knowledge of modular development
• Basic knowledge of REST API implementation
• Familiar with social networks.

The intern will develop a production grade chatbot for the Facebook Messenger platform. The goal of the thesis will be building a system able to handle a basic conversation providing precomputed answers depending on the user profile. For example, the system will answer the list of movies that a person has watched. The system will include a recommender which will identify elements of interest for the user considering behavior of similar users. The system will be developed according to software engineering best practices. The student will have the possibility to learn under a joint supervision of researchers and industry (in collaboration with a French based company). It’s a great occasion to get into the entrepreneur mindset with a strong push for the innovation. At the end of the internship he will be able to use proficiently control version systems, continuous integration systems, remote deploying and monitoring techniques, in addition to the specific knowledge related to chatbots and recommenders.

Contacts: send your CV to specifying the thesis code and title