Projects: smart city

Ongoing Projects
ALMANAC (Reliable Smart Secure Internet Of Things For Smart Cities) Development of a service delivery platform that integrates Smart City Information System for green and sustainable Smart City applications
EBBITS Enabling business-based Internet of Things and Services – An Interoperability platform for a real-world populated Internet of Things domain
EnerCloud Realization of a system for the optimization of energy consumption of public illumination
SEEMPubS Monitoring and management of energy consumption system based on ICT to reduce energy usage
SIEPI The intelligent management process of lighting systems is the focus of the SIEPI project
WEBINOS - Secure WebOS Application Delivery Enivronment Define and deliver an open-source platform and software components for the Future Internet in the form of web runtime extensions
Terminated Projects
PADGETS (2010-2012) Design, develop and deploy a prototype tool set that will allow policy makers to create web applications that will be deployed in the environment of underlying knowledge in web 2.0 media
SMILE-O An Internet of Things-based framework for the optimization of electricity consumption and production