ISMB among the first partners of the IOTA Data Marketplace pilot project

4 December 2017

The IOTA Foundation, an open-source non-profit foundation from Germany, recently launched the first publicly accessible Data Marketplace for IoT powered by a distributed ledger, that will be one of the largest open innovation initiatives around business models in IoT and distributed ledgers, with more than 20 participating organizations and institutions from all over the globe, including big names like Accenture, Bosch, Fujitsu, Schneider, NTNU, and the Municipality of Trondheim.

ISMB is involved in this project in partnership with Politecnico di Torino through the joint ICE lab: with the help of researchers and students a few sensors have been configured to make environmental data available through the Marketplace.

In the near future the project could be of interest for the Municipality of Turin, which recently announced “Torino as a Platform”, an initiative that defines the strategy of our town in the big data scenario. In this phase of the project, the semantics of the data is not the key element (more significant sensors will be connected in the future though): what is more relevant is the possibility to test all the components of the marketplace that pave the way to innovative services and business models.

Edoardo Calia, Deputy Director for Strategic Programs of the Institute, said about the initiative: “by giving objects the possibility to communicate over the Internet, IoT enables a new generation of processes and scenarios in countless application domains. Among the most disruptive features, coming up in the near future, is the ability of objects and machines to make decisions about buying and selling data, resources and materials, implementing the so called Machine Economy. An architecture like the IoTA Tangle, able to manage transactions with no fees - and offering at the same time the high security features made possible using Distributed Ledger Technologies - is the missing link needed to make all this come true”.