Senior Engineer in Research & Innovation

Emerging Trends and Opportunities

The Emerging Trends and Opportunities Function operates in the strategic field of European and national policies for research and innovation. It aims to strengthen ISMB capability to benefit from various emerging research and innovation opportunities, proposing the most appropriate positioning strategies for ISMB and helping ISMB Research Areas and Strategic Programs to better seize emerging trends in innovation.

Within this context, the Function:
• performs road-mapping , trend analysis, scouting and strategic networking activities
• oversees the participation of ISMB to selected European working groups
• monitors international funding opportunities in Europe and beyond also proposing extensions to funding sources other than the ones related to the European Commission (e. g., investment banks, bank foundations)
• sets up and coordinates research and innovation projects deemed strategic for ISMB
• promotes partnership with major players from industrial and academic/ applied research sectors worldwide

Requirements and skills
Technical skills
• master's degree in engineering 
• at least three year experience in scientific research and technological innovation sectors
• excellent understanding of current techno-economic trends and innovation paradigms
• understanding of socio-economic innovation themes
• understanding of the issues related to exploitation of research and innovation results
• excellent knowledge of European funding mechanisms
• familiarity with academic and industrial organizations
• excellent management skills and problem solving
• ability to capture potential synergies between different disciplines and / or technologies

Interpersonal skills
• excellent communication skills, in particular with specialists from non-ICT sectors and with institutional partners
• capability to interact and adapt to international, intercultural and multidisciplinary environments
• excellent knowledge of the English language (both spoken and written)
• excellent writing skills
• excellent knowledge of the main informatics tools
• capability to work efficiently in an autonomous way
• proactivity and positive attitude toward collaboration and teamwork

Preferred requirements
• PhD degree
• prior work or study experience abroad, preferably in English-speaking countries
• experience at the European Commission and / or national agencies for the promotion of European research

Contract details
Type:fixed-term contract research full-time 
Duration:12 months
Location:ISMB (Torino)

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