Kick-off meeting of FANTASTIC Project

22 March 2017

On March 17th kicked-off in Leuven (Belgium) the FANTASTIC - Field Aware Navigation and Timing Authentication Sensor for Timing Infrastructure and Centimeter level positioning- project, that will develop an enhanced positioning and timing engine for use as a critical component in professional applications.

By leveraging on the characteristics of the new European navigation satellite system, Galileo, centimeter level accuracy, high availability, maximum reliability and hacker-proof security will be attained.

Three specific use cases will be tested and demonstrated within this project:
1. Commercial Service based precise positioning
2. Machine control for construction, agriculture
3. Timing.

The project will be carried on by a Consortium that brings together market expertise and technical know-how: Septentrio (coordinator), Fraunhofer IIS, GMV, ISMB and Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona.

FANTASTIC has been funded under the Fundamental Elements programme of the GSA, a new EU R&D funding mechanism supporting the development of EGNSS-enabled chipsets, receivers and antennas, with the major objectives of facilitating the adoption of the European GNSS Systems and improving the competitiveness of the EU industry.

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