ISMB Will Participate in HiPEAC Conference 2017

16 January 2017

Some researchers of the Advanced Computing and Electromagnetics Area will attend the 12th HiPEAC Conference, that will take place in Stockholm (Sweden) from Monday, January 23 to Wednesday, January 25. The conference offers an opportunity for presenting main project ideas, as well as to discover new opportunities of collaboration.

Attending the conference is also an opportunity to share discussion regarding HPC/Exascale computing and Energy-efficient Computer Architectures with an international forum of experts in these domains. HiPEAC is a European Network of Excellence, which mission is to steer and increase the European research in the area of high-performance and embedded computing systems, and stimulate cooperation between academia and industry, as well as between computer architects and tool builders.

During the event, the researchers will present a poster regarding the new funded EU project OPERA (LOw Power Heterogeneous Architecture for NExt Generation of SmaRt Infrastructure and Platforms in Industrial and Societal Applications): the poster will be the opportunity to show initial results of the project.

OPERA is a EU funded project within the H2020 Research and Innovation programme lasting 3 years, with a focus on the creation of an energy efficient computer infrastructure by means of low-power technologies. Application scenarios cover the virtualization of computer desktops at a large scale, real-time road traffic monitoring and "datacenter-in-a-box" solutions.