ISMB hosts the kick-off meeting of CPSwarm project

12 January 2017

On January 17-18, ISMB will host the kick-off meeting of CPSwarm, H2020 EU project coordinated by the Institute that positions itself in the domain of CPS system design and engineering and aims at providing tools and methodologies that pave the way towards well-established, model-based and predictive engineering design methodologies and toolchains for next generation CPS systems.

The project builds upon state of the art in CPS and IoT and aims at bridging the gaps between currently available approaches and methodologies and at providing a relevant subset of the glue toolchains and layers which are currently missing in CPS design.

CPSwarm tackles the above challenge by establishing a science of system integration in the domain of swarms of CPS, i.e. of complex herds of heterogeneous CPS systems that interact and collaborate based on local policies and that collectively exhibit a behavior capable of solving complex, industrial-driven, real-world problems.

Driven by industrial needs, the project aims at defining a complete toolchain, which, starts from models of CPS basic components, functions and prototype behaviors, and enables the designer to:
• set-up collaborative autonomous CPSs;
• test the swarm performance with respect to the design goal (i.e., to evaluate the solution fitness against the design requirements);
• massively deploy solutions towards “reconfigurable” CPS devices and CPSoS.