Development of an adaptation layer for monitoring of smart factory devices

Pervasive Technologies
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Thesis Type: 6 months Master Thesis (Laurea Magistrale) for Computer Science or Computer Engineering students or equivalent.

• Good design and programming skills in Java. Some knowledge of OSGi is a preference.

Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies are expected to become a key instrument to extract information from the physical world and integrate it with existing IT infrastructures. Specifically, in the Industry 4.0 scenario, the IoT paradigm is going to be used to abstract physical devices in Virtual Devices, in order to enable them to communicate to each other and with the human operators in standard ways, despite their differences in terms of hardware and software.

VIRTUS is an IoT-oriented middleware created and maintained by ISMB which provides a scalable, agile, event-driven, network independent tool to manage a large-scale network of heterogeneous cooperating objects leveraging on open and standard instruments.

The purpose of this thesis is to design and develop an abstraction layer, based on VIRTUS, to allow monitoring and control of devices in a smart-industry scenario. The focus of the thesis will be on the development of a driver based on the OPC-UA standard (, to interact with PLCs, in a standard way. Furthermore, the thesis will design and develop a set of tools to ease the deployment and tuning of drivers, like the OPC one, used to communicate with physical factory devices.

Contacts: send a resume with attached the list of exams taken during the Bachelor of Science to specifying the thesis code and title.