The Advanced Computing and Electromagnetics Area Major Player of CISIS 2015

2 July 2015

The Advanced Computing and Electromagnetics (ACE) Area will be a major player of the 10th International Conference on Complex, Intelligent, and Software Intensive Systems (CISIS), which will be held from 8th to 10th of July in Blumenau (Brazil). The conference program includes several contributions from our researchers, among a keynote speech, the organization of a track and workshop session, and the presentation of 8 papers as well.

On the 8th of July, OIivier Terzo, the head of ACE Area, will give a keynote speech on low power collaborative computing and communication solutions for small scalable mini datacenter, able to guarantee challenges on having optimization on energy and computing efficiency. This presentation represents a great recognition of outstanding scientific research and technological innovation carried on by ISMB in the Cloud computing and electromagnetics field. In the afternoon of the same day he will be involved as track chair of the session on Cloud computing services and orchestration tools.

Moreover, within ISIS, the ACE Area is responsible for the organization of the 4th International workshop on Hybrid Cloud computing Infrastructure for E-Science application (HCCIEA), which involves Pietro Ruiu and Giuseppe Caragnano presenting some papers. The workshop aims to promote research and development activities focused on e-Science applications using distributed computing infrastructure, such as Cloud Computing and Hybrid System. With the rapid emergence of software systems and their applicability, the great deal of data are growing exponentially due to requirements more and more complex. Existing computing infrastructure, software system designs, and use cases must take into account the enormity in volume of requests, size of data and computing load.