The Energy Data ENgagement Project Will Be Presented at the IEEE BigData Congress in New York

23 June 2015

From 27th of June to 2nd of July 2015 the 4th edition of the IEEE BigData Congress will take place in New York, where participants will discuss about the new methodologies of analysis and management of Big Data and the value-added services they enable.

On Wednesday 1st of July, Antonio Attanasio, a researcher of the Advanced Computing and Electromagnetics Area, will present a paper entitled "Energy Signature Analysis: Knowledge at Your Fingertips", describing a platform that provides scalable and distributed analytic services for the comparative analysis of buildings energy efficiency, through a Big Data methodology. The work is part of the Energy Data ENgagement (EDEN) project, partially found by Piedmont region within the "Internet of Data" POR FESR 2007/2013.