At EBCCSP ISMB's Special Session on Event-Based Energy Metering

16 June 2015

Today the first IEEE Conference devoted to Event-Based approach to Control, Communication, metering and Signal Processing (EBCCSP) has started in Krakow (Poland). For next three days experts are going to discuss about practical applications such as State Estimation, Industrial and Dynamic Control, Robotic vision, Building Automation, Metering, and some others.

At the event the Advanced Computing and Electromagnetics Research Area has organized a special session focused on the event-based energy metering and real-time supervision and control of smart grids, that is coordinated by the ISMB researcher Mikhail Simonov. Conference organizers highlighted the enabling role of new Event-Driven smart Meters (EDM) and asked to outline industrial applications towards smarter energy grid.

Within this special session, ISMB will present two papers on fundamental concepts of Event-Driven Energy Metering and how EDM cooperates with the FINESCE AMI and the SCADA subsystems of smart grid.