IoT Week 2015: ISMB's Focus on ALMANAC and IERC Projects

16 June 2015

ALMANAC, one of the projects of the Emerging Trends and Opportunities Function and the Pervasive Technologies Research Area, is represented from 16 to 18 June 2015 in Lisbon, for the fifth edition of the IoT Week. The event is devoted to creation of ecosystems, partnerships and value chains across the domains to ensure rapid deployment of interoperable and replicable IoT solutions. IoT Week 2015 will contribute to understanding of the future of the Internet of Things in large scale deployments considering the technological dimension but also user acceptance, security and privacy, business models, etc. As such, it will pave the way for the future European Internet of Things Large Scale Pilots (LSP) envisioned for the Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2016-17.

Maurizio Spirito, Claudio Pastrone, Maria Teresa Delgado, and Dario Bonino represent the ALMANAC project, during the entire duration of the event. An exhibition space is maintained with a demo demonstrating the ALMANAC platform, focusing on the waste and water management scenarios. In addition, on June 16, ALMANAC participates as speaker in the EU-US Smart Cities workshop, with the goal of exchanging information in the domain of IoT and smart cities and draft some recommendations for a global cooperation in the subject.

Then, on June 18, Maurizio Spirito, chair of the Activity Chain 3 of the IoT European Research Cluster (IERC) will coordinate two sessions: a panel during the morning and a workshop during the afternoon, in which the focus will be on identifying solutions to boost innovation in IERC projects, and on sharing experiences from IoT deployments and demonstrators respectively.