Growing NAVIS Final Review

26 Febraury 2015

On the 24th of February ISMB hosted the final review of Growing NAVIS, a project leaded by the Navigation Technologies Research Area. The project successfully reached its goal to strengthen the collaboration between Europe and South-East Asia on GNSS. ISMB can be now considered as one of the main gates to South-East Asia for the European GNSS technology.

Growing NAVIS started in 2012 and involved partners from: Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Australia. The project supported the technical growth of NAVIS, the International Collaboration Center on GNSS located in Vietnam.

Thanks to the research activities carried on during the project, the NAVIS has achieved good scientific results in a very short period of time. In less than three years the Centre was able to double its staff and to publish eleven joint contributions with the European partners.

ISMB played a major role in organizing the three international workshops foreseen in the project in Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand. More than 350 participants joined the workshops. Moreover ISMB established new links with Asian and European institutions, and with companies from Europe and South-East Asia. All the European partners achieved very interesting scientific results which will be exploited in the very next future in other projects and in commercial products:
• Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya developed a new version of its algorithm for Precise Positioning, extending its validity to South-East Asian region;
• Politecnico di Torino tested in Vietnam RAIM and Advanced RAIM techniques exporting them from their native aviation domain to others, such as road;
• Université de Franche-Comté developed an emulator to test solutions for cooperative positioning in the road environment.

In the last years the collaboration between the Navigation Technologies Research Area and South-East Asia speed up thanks to several projects. In particular SEAGAL (2009-2010) and Growing NAVIS (2012-2015) projects funded the setup and the consolidation of a collaboration centre on GNSS technologies in Vietnam: the NAVIS Centre in Hanoi.