ISMB's Advancements on Computational Electromagnetics at ICCEM in China

30 January 2015

ISMB will take part in the 2015 IEEE International Conference on Computational Electromagnetics (ICCEM), sponsored by the Antennas and Propagation Society (APS), to be held in Hong Kong (China) on February 2-5. The conference brings together researchers and practitioners for sharing their latest advances in numerical algorithms, modeling methods, optimization and animation tools, and computing platforms for applications across the whole electromagnetic spectrum.

Matteo Alessandro Francavilla, researcher at the Antenna and EMC (LACE) Unit, part of the Advanced Computing and Electromagnetics Area will give 4 talks about recent advancements of the group, focusing on challenges and approaches for speeding up the accurate analysis of large and complex structures, ranging from nanoparticles and plasmonics to aerospace problems (e.g., aircrafts, satellites):
• M. Li, R. Chen, M. A. Francavilla, and G. Vecchi, “A Kernel-Independent Wideband Nested Equivalent Source Approximation
• M. Zubair, M. A. Francavilla, M. Righero, G. Vecchi, and L. Dal Negro, “Fast Analysis of Electrically Large Plasmonic Arrays with Aperiodic Spiral Order
• J. A. Tobon Vasquez, M. A. Francavilla, F. Vipiana, G. Vecchi, Z. Peng, and J. F. Lee, “Automatic h-refinement through A-posteriori Error Estimation and Discontinous Galerkin
• M. A. Echeverri Bautista, F. Vipiana, M. A. Francavilla, and G. Vecchi, “A Domain Decomposition Framework for the Solution of Multi-Scale Problems Using Integral Equation Formulations”.