WalkEGNOS: an FP7 Success Story Presented in Prague

15 January 2015

The WalkEGNOS project has been selected by the European GNSS Agency (GSA) as a success story in the field of satellite navigation. For this reason the project was presented during the session "GNSS R&D Success Stories: agriculture and surveying, aviation, road, maritime, rail, LBS" at the workshop organized by GSA "European GNSS Applications in Horizon 2020", held in Prague on January 14th 2015. Gianluca Marucco from the Navigation Technologies Area presented the project, illustrating its characteristics and the results achieved.

WalkEGNOS was coordinated by Marco Pini, the head of the Navigation Technologies Research Area at ISMB. The project created a Web portal for sharing accurate GNSS tracks. Such a portal interfaces to a Location Based Service (LBS) system, which allows to improve the performance of consumer-grade GPS receivers, though professional GNSS services. The system considered the use of GPS receivers for personal navigation in mountain regions. The developed prototypes of GNSS data loggers were tested on field by several volunteers, including members of the local Alpine Rescue Teams.

Researchers belonging to the Navigation Technologies Area and to the Microsoft Innovation Centre contributed to the project. The partnership was composed by a small, but very motivated team, that included Alpha Consultants srl (Italy), M3systems (France) and Brimatech (Austria).

For more informaton: www.walkEGNOS.net.