The first version of the Virtual Cluster Sunstone Plugin has been released

IS4AC research unit has just released the first version of the Virtual Cluster Sunstone Plugin in the  Open Nebula ecosystem. The tool facilitates the deployment of clusters of virtual machines, based on a particular architecture composed by a master node and various worker nodes. The automatic configuration of the network and of the virtual machines environment allows all nodes of the cluster to communicate together on a “private” network, since their startup.

Open Nebula is a toolkit allowing the management of clouds and virtualized data centers. First established as a research project back in 2005, nowadays it operates as an open source project, with a large community actively involved in the development and periodic release of its components. OpenNebula is one of the most popular private cloud platforms, as demonstrated by its users list and by the overall amount of downloads (80000 only from the official site, since 2007). Among the users, there are some of the most important organizations and research institutions, such as ESA, NASA, IBM, DELL, BBC, Telefonica and many others (list).

Virtual Cluster Sunstone plugin, designed to accomplish IS4AC needs within several research projects, is available in the OpenNebula ecosystem under an open source license. Further details and the source code can be found at: