ISMB is the scientific and technical partner of the workshop “Mobility, behaviours: apps”

ISMB is the scientific and technical partner of the workshop “Mobility, behaviours: apps” realized within TrafficO2, a social innovation project for urban mobility of communities.

The project aims at realizing an application for smartphones with the final goal of reducing traffic and pollution by rewarding users for sustainable travels. Users will be able to pass through the city by selecting the points of departure and arrival, and by choosing a sustainable means of transport among the supported ones (e.g. bike, public transport and car pooling). In this way, depending on both the length of the path and the selected transport system, users collect points that can be exchanged for prizes and discount coupons.

The project selected a challenging urban environment in order to test the real impact of the solution: the city of Palermo, known as the Italian capital of traffic (source: Osservatorio TomTom). The workshop is organized in collaboration with the University of Palermo and will take place in Palermo from 21st to 23rd of November.

It will provide students with the opportunity of working on a real social innovation project, exploiting technical and professional competences of tutors. The workshop will be also useful to enrich the smartphone app by implementing new features and improving the user experience through elaboration of the graphical user interface.

At the end of the workshop all the students will have the chance of being part of the project test campaign.

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