KSERA - Robotic approach in social and elderly care

The scientific article titled “Socially Assistive Robots: A comprehensive approach to extending independent living” prepared in cooperation with other partners of European KSERA project (Knowledgeable Service Robotics for Ageing is going to appear in the prestigious “International Journal of Social Robotics”. Three ISMB researchers -  Antonella Frisiello, Marco Bazzani e Mikhail Simonov – are co-authors of. The special merit is the cooperation set up with two US professors J.Juola and D. Johnson (first author).

Tangible result created by KSERA is a technological prototype showcasing how to use artificial cognitive technology and robots to shape value added services of remote elderly care and chronic diseases. This innovative application was validated in 3 contexts: usability test in Italy at San Giovanni Antica Sede Hospital (ISMB), test in an Austrian nursing home (TUW), and tests in some houses in Israel (Maccabi). KSERA used real time data sets acquired from wearable, medical, and environmental sensors. The data flow was managed by the intelligent artificial cognitive system. The remote component was interfaced with in-hospital disease management centre. KSERA offers wide range of services designed in cooperation with medical doctors. In addition to R&D, new skills were created, and it was reinforced the pre-existing cooperation with local SME aiming to exploit the research results commercially.