The intelligent management process of lighting systems is the focus of the SIEPI project.

SIEPI, incorporates the latest technological paradigms, such as the use of distributed sensors associated with control over the network (according to the paradigm of the Internet of Things), and in particular through solutions of "cloud computing" (Software as a Service) to achieve energy saving and efficiency in the case of both indoors and outdoors lighting systems, in large industrial complexes, roads and tunnels.

The HW/SW solution proposed by SIEPI is composed of:

  • a central engine for data collection and management on a cloud computing platform;
  • a peripheral system installed in proximity of meters integrating a concentrator / communication gateway, a flow regulator and a series of sensors placed near each light point;
  • an application accessible from the network, that is useful both to the manager and to the provider of the lighting system, who is enabled to implement new paradigms of remote maintenance intervention.

SIEPI will also develop standard and advanced tools that allow both energy managers and public administrators to obtain in a simple and fast way objective evaluations to support decision for optimization, rationalization and maintenance.

Therefore SIEPI will not be limited to technological solution, but will also propose a new management model of the overall system that can generate real and measurable benefits for end users and service operator.

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