Available thesis

Among the actions aimed at training qualified personnel in various technological fields supervised by Research Areas, Strategic Programs and Functions, the Istituto Superiore Mario Boella provides a number of thesis to be carried out at the laboratories of the Institute, in close collaboration with researchers of the ISMB.
If you are a college student who has completed the study plan and you are also interested in finding out how the Institute can help you to undertake a professional career within R&D, then check the list of available thesis below and send your application to the e-mails address specified in the announcement. You will be contacted back to agree with the administrative staff on the interview.

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Title of the thesis Research Area
Deep Semantic Analysis of Public Procurement Contracts Innovation Development
Intelligent Data Crawler of Unstructured Open Data Innovation Development
Multi-Agent System Development Pervasive Technologies
Multi-Agent System Algorithms Pervasive Technologies
Multi-service Federation for IoT, Smart City Collective Awareness Platforms Pervasive Technologies
Infrastructure for device e-security and trust Pervasive Technologies
Simulations for autonomous driving Multi-Layer Wireless Solutions
AI-based Technologies to Understand Clinical Notes Innovation Development
Automated Scientific Content Generation Using Semantic Analysis and Deep Learning Innovation Development
Deep Learning System to Characterize Scholars using Scientific Papers Innovation Development
Virtualized Resources Orchestrators for Multi-access Edge Computing in 5G networks Multi-Layer Wireless Solutions
Correlating audio and visual information for neonatal screening Multi-Layer Wireless Solutions
Workload optimization through heterogeneous and low power accelerators targeting Cloud computing systems Advanced Computing and Electromagnetics
Implementation and performance of a standard LDM engine for future automotive applications Multi-Layer Wireless Solutions
Machine Learning Techniques for Industrial Applications Pervasive Technologies
Open Data Platforms for the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) Pervasive Technologies
Development of a secure communication framework for smart factory monitoring Pervasive Technologies
Development of an adaptation layer for monitoring of smart factory devices Pervasive Technologies
Traffic data as an enabler of urban mobility analysis Smart City
Deep learning: vision and perspectives Multi-Layer Wireless Solutions
Image processing for the automotive industry Multi-Layer Wireless Solutions
Emerging standards in multimedia communication Multi-Layer Wireless Solutions
On-board live H.264/AVC HW video encoding Multi-Layer Wireless Solutions
Concealment algorithms for aerial video analysis for surveillance and prevention Multi-Layer Wireless Solutions
MPEG CDVS for biometrical analysis Multi-Layer Wireless Solutions
Study of body subtle motion for biomedical applications Multi-Layer Wireless Solutions