News & Events Collection

  • Galileo Initial Services Started with Global Coverage

    19 December 2016
    From 15th December the Galileo system is finally live: the European Commission, owner of the system, formally announced the start of Galileo Initial Services.
  • Design Review Meeting of the I-REACT project

    22 November 2016
    The Design Review Meeting of the I-REACT project will take place in Barcelona the 24th and 25th of November, hosted by the Fire Fighters, an important milestone of the project that will see the participation of members from all the Consortium.
  • ISMB at the ESCN Awards Ceremony 2016

    28 October 2016
    On October 25th Gabriella Povero, from the Navigation Technologies Reserach Area, participated in the European Satellite Navigation Competition Awards Ceremony 2016 in Madrid where she awarded the winner of the BELS Special Prize.
  • ISMB in the GSA GNSS User Technology Report

    7 October 2016
    The European GNSS Agency published the Issue 1 of the GNSS User Technology Report: both ISMB and Politecnico di Torino, co-founder and scientific partner of the Institute, are listed among the top EU GNSS R&D Centres, members of the Satellite navigation University Network.
  • ISMB participates in the ION GNSS+ 2016 Conference

    16 September 2016
    ISMB participates in the 2016 edition of the ION GNSS+ Conference, the world's largest technical meeting and showcase of GNSS technology, products and services. ION GNSS+ 2016 takes place September 12-16, 2016 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon, USA.
  • International Workshop of I-REACT Project

    12 September 2016
    The International Users Requirements Workshop (IURW) and the first Advisory Board Meeting of the I-REACT Project will take place at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris on 14-15 September 2016.
  • INPUT Torino 2016

    7 September 2016
    On 14th and 15th September, the Valentino Castle will host the ninth edition of INPUT - International Conference on Innovation in Urban and Regional Planning “e-Agorà|e-Αγορά for the transition toward resilient communities”, organized by ISMB together with SiTI and DIST.
  • ISMB participate in DSD-2016

    31 August 2016
    Alberto Scionti, a researcher working in the Advanced Computing and Electromagnetic area, will attend the 19th Euromicro Conference on Digital System Design (DSD-2016), that takes place in Limassol (Cyprus) from August 31 to September 2.
  • First Tests of the Low-Power Computing & Communication Systems

    28 July 2016
    On July 27th have been successfully performed the first tests involving WiFi transmission with low-power board and reconfigurable antenna, developed within three projects in which it is involved the Advanced Computing and Electromagnetics (ACE) Research Area.
  • OPERA project: in Scotland to present the innovation of the developed platform

    13 July 2016
    Alberto Scionti, of the Infrastructures and Systems for Advanced Computing (IS4AC) Research Unit, will attend the event organized in Cumbernauld (Scotland, UK), within the EU project OPERA.