Partnership Program

ISMB supports public bodies and private enterprises through a collaboration policy on topics having a high innovating value. A company cooperating with ISMB is eager to introduce innovative discontinuities stemming from the use of the ICT in its processes and is looking for new market opportunities based on technology and process schemes that are not yet consolidated. The Partnership Program intends to push the company closer to ISMB resources through a series of concrete initiatives aimed to define a shared growth strategy.

Besides the canonical tool of the research project, with which the company bears the costs and has at its disposal the produced intellectual property, two new forms for supporting the innovation have been elaborated: the joint research project and the accompanying support.

In the case of a joint research project the project costs are shared between the company and the Institute, which is granted a funding connected with the exploitation of the knowledge generated by the research.

In the case of an accompanying support, the Institute identifies the best way to satisfy the innovation needs of the company through public financing measures and works closely together with it in the preparation of the project proposal. If the proposal is successful, the company and the Institute go on cooperating in the framework of the project.

ISMB has adopted a form of partnership open to all companies involved, at various levels, in the innovation policies of the sector. The company deciding to join the Partnership Program participates with a representative in the Partner Advisory Committee which has the specific goal to rationalize the requests that the enterprises address to ISMB. Moreover, the companies participating in the Committee get a direct access to the initiatives, also educational, that the Institute offers to private and public bodies.