Emerging Trends and Opportunities

Born in July 2013, the Emerging Trends and Opportunities Function works in the strategic field of European and national policies for research and innovation. It aims to strengthen ISMB capability to benefit from various emerging research and innovation opportunities, proposing the most appropriate positioning strategies for ISMB, also in light of the European Research and Innovation Framework Program Horizon 2020. Within this context, the Emerging Trends and Opportunities Function is in charge of setting up and coordinating Research and Innovation projects that are considered strategic for ISMB.

The Emerging Trends and Opportunities Function is also in charge of strategic scouting and networking. The Function supports ISMB Research Areas and Strategic Programs to better seize emerging trends in innovation, with a special focus on multi-disciplinary sectors and with an eye also on non-EU funding opportunities. At the same time, the Function favours partnership with key actors, especially from the industrial sector but also from the academic/applied research domain, to pursue jointly with ISMB new research and innovation challenges.

The Emerging Trends and Opportunities Function supports ISMB in seizing emerging trends also by favouring collaborations with new scientific disciplines, searching unbeaten paths in innovation and research and assessing social and economic impacts of innovation by means of suitable strategies for exploitation of research results and innovative ideas.